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Guides & Articles

How To Choose A Label Type

Choosing the right label for your package is critical for your product's success. Here are some considerations to help you choose.

How To Choose Copy Position

Copy position/Unwind Position is a critical part of the printing process. Learn more about copy positions so you know exactly what to expect.

Label Roll Core Size & O.D.

It is critical you consider label roll sizing. We will breakdown core size and outside diameter for the most economical results.

How To Outline Or Flatten Fonts

Flattening fonts into shapes is an important pre-press process. Learn more about what that means and how to do it here.

How To Work With Clear Space

Setting up the clear space ensures your label's text and images will align properly and won't be partially removed during printing. Learn more here.

Indicating White Ink On Labels

Printing with white ink is an eye-catching option that will help your labels stand out. Learn how to indicate white ink in your artwork.

What Is Bleed On Artwork?

Including bleed on artwork is a critical design step for any product label. Learn how to work with bleed here.

Label Adhesive Comparison

There are several critical things that need to be considered when choosing the right adhesive. Learn more here.

Label Material Comparison

Learn the difference between label  materials and which is right for you considering cost, durability, and shelf presence.

Flexible Packaging Options

Learn about different material features and the considerations when choosing your flexible packaging materials.

Flexible Packaging vs. Rigid Packaging

The gap between flexible and rigid packaging has narrowed with both considered viable packaging options. Here we will breakdown pros and cons to help you decide which to choose.

Flexible Packaging Issues

Flexible packaging is a fast growing packaging medium, but continues to face some inherent challenges. Learn a bit about common issues with flexible packaging.

CMYK vs. RGB vs. Pantone?

Before sending your label proof, it is critical to have the correct color scheme implemented. Learn how to make sure here.